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Family Child Care Food Program

Do You Want...

Better nutrition for children in your care?

Business advantages?

Tax advantages?

If you want to take the best care of children and have more spendable income at the end of the year, the Child Care Food Program is for you.  The Child Care Food Program has been reimbursing family child care providers for a portion of their nutrition costs since 1968.

Nationwide, about 200,000 family child care providers took advantage of the program last year.

Participation in the food program is one of the major factors associated with quality care, and being on the food program is a sign of professionalism and it shows your concern for the nutritional health of the children.  It is a benchmark of quality that benefits you and the children in your care.


Three Reasons Why It Pays for Family Child Care Providers to Join the Child Care Food Program


Reason #1. The program means better nutrition for healthy bodies and growing minds. By reimbursing food costs, the program lets you buy higher-quality food while charging competitive rates.

Reason #2. When you join the program, you win access to a full range of nutrition services. Nutrition information, training and support .Helps keep food costs down while providing higher quality meals.

Reason #3. Both lower and higher-income child care providers can boost their cash flow by participating. Child care providers are earning between $500-$3000 a year just by participating.


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